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Altaf slams ‘unfair’ treatment of CPLC chief

In a statement issued from London, Altaf Hussain said that the citizens affected from kidnapping for ransom contact the CPLC chief, as it is his prime responsibility to ensure recovery of abductees and to take measures for the arrest of culprits behind such incidents.

“It is the duty of Ahmed Chinoy to remain in contact with the heirs of the abductees, but putting a blame on the CPLC chief on the basis of it is unfair”, he said.

He questioned the ones at the helm of affairs as to when muhajirs – immigrants who migrated to Pakistan at the time of partition of the sub-continent – will be considered as Pakistanis.

Hussain also extended his sympathies to Chinoy and all the associations of the Memon fraternity, and vowed his party’s full support in whatever way they opt for recording a protest in this respect.

He said ‘it is better to die with dignity than to live in humiliation’, adding this saying will now be the voice of every muhajir. He warned that establishment will be responsible for any ramification if a particular community rises to get its rights.




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