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Altaf demanded to disband Pakistan's ISI: Lucman

The ARY News anchor Mubasher Lucman showed the letter to viewers in his talk show ‘Khara Sach’ in which Altaf Hussain had criticized Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency, ISI.

The letter written on September 23, 2001 and addressed to then British Prime Minister Tony Blair  categorically states that ” ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) the secret agency must be disbanded otherwise the ISI will continue to produce many Osama-Bin-Ladens and Taliban in future”

MQM chief also demanded what he called “equitable participation” in the governance of province of Sindh and the federation as partners besides other favours.

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What Altaf Hussain offered to provide the British Government in return was to send selected groups to Afghanistan in the form of aid workers to collect intelligence for Western Intelligence Agencies besides holding protest demonstrations in favour of international community combating terrorism and to monitor the activities of religious seminaries in Sindh and Punjab.

Mubasher Lucman claimed that the letter was authentic and even British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) ran it on one of its documentaries against Altaf Hussain.

Lucman also urged MQM leaders to sue BBC if the documentary or the letter was unauthentic.

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