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WATCH: American man converts to Islam at Jamia Binoria Karachi

KARACHI: A young American man has converted to Islam at the hands of Head of Jamia Binoria Karachi Mufti Muhammed Naeem on Tuesday.

Gabriel Ceballos, 21-year old resident of Houston, largest city of US state Texas, arrived at the madrassah and expressed his desire to accept Islam for which the madrassah organised an event and recited him Shahadat. Participants of the event rose slogan of ‘Allah u Akbar’ (God is the Greatest) upon his recitation of Kalima Shahadat “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”.

Educating the newly-convert basics of of Islam, Mufti Naeem said as Islam teaches belief in oneness of Allah (SWT) and existence of angels, it also teaches to acknowledge al-Quran as the book of guidance from God and Prophet Muhammed (SAWW) as the last prophet of all the prophets.

“Allah (SWT) has termed prayers as a source of getting proximity to Him but it is not allowed to forcibly compel someone for it. Islam teaches us that the more you are worshipping, the more you will get closer to Allah (SWT),” he said.

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The head of Jamia Binoria Karachi said no other religion taught as much humanity as Islam did.

“This is the only religion in the world which has cure for all the agitated souls. This is the reason that despite all the propaganda Islam is spreading rapidly in the West,” he said.

Gabriel Ceballos said he was jubilant over learning Islam and through this he came to know that the education of ethics given by Islam was unprecedented.

“Since the moment I decided to accept Islam, my heart is at peace,” he said.



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