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Amir Liaquat announces to quit MQM, politics

Speaking during ARY News show “Off The Record”, Amir Liaquat maintained that he is tired of defending such statements (issued by MQM chief Altaf Husssain).

Liaquat, who was explaining Farooq Sattar’s press conference in the program, suddenly announced resignation from MQM and clarified that “his decision is not emotional” and because he cannot defend anti-Pakistan statements.

“I apologise again and again from Pakistan and people of Pakistan. Nothing is more important to me than Pakistan,” said Liaquat who had just recently rejoined MQM and was vigorously defending party on media since then.

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Earlier, while explaining MQM leader Farooq Sattar’s presser ─in which Sattar announced dissociation from party’s London chapter ─ Liaquat said that the London Rabita Committee will not be cut off from decisions taken by the party.

The explanation confused the anchor Kashif Abbasi, who persisted with the question about Altaf Hussain’s role, prompting Liaquat to explain that Altaf Hussain is still leading MQM.

“His health condition is not allowing him to perform his duties, so we decided to give our chief some rest,” said the TV personality turned politician.

Later in ARY News show 11th Hour, Amir Liaquat accepted that the decision to dissociate the Karachi based political setup or co-ordination committee from London co-ordination committee was taken back hours after the press conference by Farooq Sattar.

He also claimed that he is heartbroken and will never enter politics again.

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