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Amitabh Bachchan’s praise for ‘surgical strike’ retorted with mockery

Amitabh Bachchan, one of the famed celebrities of India, also tweeted his excitement over so-called ‘aggression’ of the Indian forces along the border, only to be counter attacked by scores of tweets who trolled him for buying into the fabrication of truth of his own army.

Pakistan’s military spokesperson was quick to rubbish Indian claim of surgical strike and wasted no time in clarifying that ‘Indian forces were making such claims only to satisfy their own public.’ And his remarks proved spot on later in the day.

As veteran Bollywood actor tweeted praise for his army after their media was rife with reports of ‘surgical strikes’, saying “Don’t Mess With The Indian Army”, was quickly retorted in no time.


Here are the reactions:



‘Indian soldiers ran away after counter attack’



‘We want leaves, please’


‘Good dialgoue, Mr. Bachchan’



‘Protect your women from sexual assault first’


‘Indian Army is a group of terrorists for Kahsmiris’



‘Okay, next dialogue please’



‘Flop movies, flop tweet’



‘How many Indian soldiers were killed, by the way?’




Apart from aforementioned tweets, users were continuously posting their messages on the micro-blogging website to mock the Bollywood celebrity.



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