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Amjad Sabri’s mother tells about ‘unknown assailants’ who had attacked their house

In a terse chat with Al-Jazeera on the day of incident, Asghari Begum, mother of slain Amjad Sabri, said some unknown assailants had barged into their home some six months ago.

“They came to our residence and burst open the front door. Amjad was not present, and they had left,” she told.


Some local newspapers have also reported last conversation between Sabri and mother, as shared by the latter while speaking to media after the incident.

She was quoted as saying that Sabri was visibly upset on the day he was shot dead. His words: “Amma, my heart is feeling sad.”

Her mother felt shocked after Sabri’s talk, which was quite unusual knowing his nature. The slain qawwal’s mother also adds that her son was frequently singing his famous soulful rendition ‘Karam Mangta Hon, Ata Maangta Hon.”


In most shocking recall, Asghari Begum said as Amjad was about to leave home after Zuhr prayer call. I casually asked: “Where are you going,”. He replied, “To my Abba’s.”

His mother got infuriated on this reply and he immediately said he was joking. Later in the evening, his mother got a shocking news of his killing.


Amjad Sabri, 45, was travelling by car from his home in the city’s Liquatabad area to a television studio, when a motorcycle pulled up alongside the vehicle and the attackers opened fire, killing him on the spot.

Sabri was hit by five bullets and was declared dead at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital while a companion named Saleem aka Chanda also sustained minor injury.


Grisly mobile phone footage of the scene of the crime shot by an onlooker showed the singer’s head slumped on his right shoulder and a pool of blood on the ground by the driver’s side where he sat.


Sabri, the son of another legendary Qawwali singer, Ghulam Farid Sabri who died in 1994, was a fixture on national television and regularly performed on a morning show during the ongoing holy Muslim month of Ramazan.



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