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Anees Advocate dares MQM to remove Altaf from its constitution

“Farooq Sattar is befooling people. He announced disassociation with Altaf under pressure. MQM should first dispel Altaf Hussain from party by changing its constitution,” he said while talking to ARY News.

He said Farooq knew about Altaf’s links with Indian intelligence agency, RAW.

“Why does Farooq ask to open seal of 90 which is house of Altaf Hussain? Farooq’s announcement of dissociation with Altaf has no legal status neither MQM has changed its constitution,” he said.

Anees said the MQM (Pakistan) leader should clearly state that Altaf had committed treason and should ask the Pakistan government to take action against him.

The PSP leader said he talked more about demolishing of MQM offices in his press conference than dissociation with Altaf.

“No new MQM will be created. People hate this name now. MQM represents those who raised anti-Pakistan slogans,” he said to a query.

He said Farooq should openly raise ‘down with Altaf Hussain’ slogan without fearing from anybody. He  should not lie to the nation.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Faisal Vawda said PTI had no problem with MQM, but with Altaf.

He said the chaos was created in Karachi to evanesce Panamagate.

News analyst Kashif Abbasi questioned that why was London secretariat not responding to Farooq’s speech? while in the recent past they were handicapped without London leadership.

“This clearly shows that all the process of expressing dissociation is going on with consent of the MQM London leadership,” he said.



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