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Angry protesters besiege Indian filmmaker Kabir Khan at Karachi airport

Khan was in Karachi for a day-long visit to participate in an event yesterday [Tuesday]. He had to catch a flight for Lahore when he encountered angry protesters at the airport this morning.

As Khan got off his vehicle at Jinnah International Airport Karachi, people encircled him raising slogans against the director.

People kept chanting at Kabir “Make a film on subversive activities of RAW in Pakistan.

Indian director Kabir Khan faces protest by arynews

He was welcomed with  “shame, shame” slogans, implying that the protesters already knew his departure timings.

Visibly confused Khan was immediately taken inside the lounge by airport security officials.

“You have killed several Muslims in India. Why don’t to direct a film on RAW,” shouted one of the protesters. Yesterday, a protest was also staged outside a hotel where Kabir stayed.

Kabir Khan’s flick Phantom had caused a controversy in Pakistan and movie was banned for screening across the country for depicting the country as a “safe haven for terrorists.”





After Phantom‘s trailer was released in Pakistan, the movie’s plot caused an uproar in the country, since it featured an anti-Pakistan narrative. Reacting to the content of the movie, JuD chief Hafiz Saeed filed a petition in Lahore High Court, seeking to ban Phantom from Pakistan.



The ban had irked the cast and crew of Phantom to quite an extent. Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, who plays the protagonist agent who battles Pakistani forces in Phantom, stated earlier that he found it funny how people like Hafiz Saeed could go to court in Pakistan.

Director Kabir Khan had also voiced the same sentiment and said in a statement that he was ‘amused’ at Hafiz Saeed’s action.



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