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Another case of administering wrong injection at Darul Sehat surfaced

 KARACHI: After Nishwa, another case of administering wrong injection at Darul Sehat Hospital surfaced on Wednesday, ARY News reported.

In a video message, a citizen, Faisal said that her nine-month-old baby girl, Zainab, was died of administering a wrong injection at Darul Sehat Hospital, last year in September. He demanded of the government and the concerned authorities to provide him justice.

Faisal alleged that her daughter was died due to the negligence and irresponsibility of the doctors at the hospital. The father said that he had visited the hospital to get her daughter vaccinated but the doctors administered her a wrong injection.

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Faisal said that her daughter was quite well but after the vaccination her condition turned critical. Talking about the behavior of the hospital’s administration, the father said that when her child’s condition was turning critical, he pleaded to doctors to give her treatment. In that emergency situation, the hospital’s administration asked him to submit Rs0.35 million ahead of treatment.

Faisal said that when he told administration that he was a poor man and ┬ácould not arrange such amount of money, he, along with his ailing daughter forcefully sent to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). Upon arrival doctors told him that his daughter’s condition was critical and they could not save her life. The father said that he was on his way to another hospital when her daughter took her last breath.



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