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Meera to Aamir Khan: You’re my guest when you come to Lahore

Apparently, Meera had some kind words of strength and encouragement for Pk star Aamir Khan. After the actor was severely criticised by leading Bollywood personalities for stating that his wife had suggested that they move out of the country, due to growing intolerance, Meera came to Khan’s rescue. This is what she tweeted:-

Aamir Khan is one of the most popular and bankable actors in the Indian film industry these days. Dubbed as ‘Mr.Perfectionist’, it is owing to this very fact alone that he enjoys immense popularity in India and his films gross astronomical amounts. However, even Aamir Khan feels insecure in India, since he recently shared at an awards ceremony that his wife suggested him to leave India, amid rising intolerance. Also read: Kiran wants us to leave the country, due to increasing intolerance: Aamir Khan Apparently, the comments did not seem to sit well with his colleague Anupam Kher. Kher, known for his bold and outspoken stance on people claiming that India has become intolerant, asked Khan in a series of tweets, when did ‘incredible’ India turn into ‘intolerant’ India?

Aamir Khan had also supported those who were returning their awards in India, as a protest against the rising intolerance and had stated that it was important for creative people to voice their views. Along with Anupam Kher, there were several Twitter users from India who were quite angry at the 50 year-old Muslim actor for expressing his opinion. Here are a few tweets:-



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