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Apple introduces world’s first augmented reality gaming robot

Apple has introduced the world’s first ever ‘gaming robot’ that can carry out augmented reality warfare and is controlled by a smartphone.

The fearsome-looking mechanical spider called MekaMon relies on four infrared sensors to measure distance, location and wage attacks on opponents turning your living room in a battlefield.

Created by Bristol-based company Reach Robotics, the customised robot has detachable legs, shields and weapons, and simultaneously has bot-on-bot brawls in real life and on the screen.

A multi-functional, connected battle-bot with true augmented reality gameplay spanning the virtual and real world, MekaMon has been in development with Reach Robotics for the last four years.


From its very beginnings, MekaMon has been designed to blend the real and virtual worlds. It brings game play out of the screen while benefiting from the latest technological developments.

MekaMon stands as a pinnacle of robotic gaming, utilising slick augmented reality for single-player campaigns and streamlined communication for intense two-player combat.

Using four infrared sensors it can navigate itself around the real-world, and can be controlled on a smartphone. It can also flip onto its back in order to stabilise.

MekaMon is also supported by the swift playgrounds Ipad app which offers a fun and easy introduction to coding and programming allowing to configure its movement and stance.

gaming robot

It is used to play a game is set in 2076 following an alien invasion on Earth where humans are using their MekaMon robots to fight back and recapture their territory. The game has three modes – story mode, arcade mode, or battle with friends mode.

“We’ve created an entirely new video gaming platform,” said Silas Adekunle, CEO of Reach Robotics. “Players can whip out their smartphone to battle their multi-functional, connected battlebots in the physical and virtual worlds at the same time.”



Silas said: “At the root of everything we build is the premise that gaming is an experience that goes beyond a screen.”

“We imagine a world where things come to life in front of you”.

“Our inspiration came from building robots in STEM classes with underprivileged students in the UK, and while we got our humble start there – we’re ready to introduce a new twist on hardware and video games and unleash our battling robots.”

The robot is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is available online and select Apple stores in the UK and US.



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