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Jessica Cox: The disabled girl who can fly a plane with her feet and do a lot more!

“People saw me as not having arms as a limiting factor- but I was there to prove them wrong.”

That’s what 32 year-old Jessica Cox had to say about her predicament. The girl with an undying will and unwavering determination, has learned to adapt to life without arms. Better yet, she uses her feet to accomplish several tasks.

Jessica Cox is the first armless black belt of American Tae Kwon Do Association. She uses her feet for the most remarkable accomplishments- driving a car without modifications, typing on the keyboard and write as well.

Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox


She used prosthetics as a child but then ditched them at the age of 14 and has been using her legs to accomplish the same tasks ordinary people do with their arms. “There’s nothing that can substitute the tactile ability of flesh and bone – and my feet have that ability.”, she said.

“At three years old I was involved in gymnastics, at six I started tap dancing lessons, I did modelling, I swam at five, 10-years-old I was doing Tae Kwon Do, I did every activity you could imagine.”

Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox made headlines around the world and also made it into the Guinness Book of World Records when she received her pilot’s license and became the first woman ever to fly a plane with her feet!

“It took three years, three different airplanes, three instructors, 80 hours of flying in three states, and I was a certified pilot.”

Jessica Cox

If you’re willing to be further amazed, Jessica can also play the piano quite effortlessly and is trying to master the Frozen song.

“Right now we’re learning the popular Frozen song, Let It Go. It’s a difficult one but we’ll get it.”

Regarding her noble ambitions, this is what Jessica had to say.

“We have many years to spend together to start a family and to continue to travel the world. We want to bring speaking to other countries and change attitudes about disability.”

Jessica Cox



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