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Army Chief says slow pace of NAP implementation affecting Zarb-e-Azb

The meeting reviewed the progress of the NAP where the Army Chief stressed that the success of the operation against terrorists was based on the implementation of the NAP.  However, the hindrances and obstacles in its implementation was affecting their operations  as well.

He said that peace will remain a distant dreams as long as all stakeholders do not work together and make efforts to remove their weaknesses. He said that we have made huge progress in the long journey against terrorism, and this wave of success cannot be reversed to eliminate the menace from the country.

Army Chief said that the entire nation stood with the security forces in the war against terrorists. He acknowledged that there had been an improvements in national security, and the results were slowly reaching the people, while the remarks from certain sections of society were misguiding and creating chaos and instability in the country.

Gen. Sharif commended the sacrifices of the people and armed forces for the implementation of peace and  security in the nation, and vowed to play their role for the country.

Army Chief says efforts to eliminate terrorism… by arynews



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