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‘Army soldiers should expect death because of their profession’: BJP MP

NEW DELHI. A parliamentarian belonging to India’s ruling BJP Nepal Singh stirred up hornet’s nest when he said army soldiers ought to die because of the profession they’re in.

The BJP MP from the Rampur constituency in Uttar Pradesh said:

“Soldiers in the army die every day. There is no country in this world where in a battle, soldiers do not lose their lives. These things happen.”

The ANI quoted him as saying that ‘Army soldiers should expect death because of the profession they are in.’

Later, when asked about his allegedly insensitive comments, Singh said he didn’t mean to insult the Army. And apologized after a storm of condemnation that poured in over his remarks.

My remarks were misinterpreted, he said before apologizing.

“I feel sad (about the martyrs), and I am sorry, but I didn’t say anything insulting”, he said.

Singh was then asked why India allegedly doesn’t ensure the safety of its soldiers the way Israel does.

Here was his reply to that:

“Do you know of any device that can prevent death of a human? Please share with me one object that can render bullets ineffectual. We will make sure to use them in defence of our soldiers.”



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