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Artist builds wall around Trump’s Hollywood star

The 6-inch wall, made of wooden planks and topped with barbed wire, was put up Tuesday evening around the controversial mogul’s star by the artist known as Plastic Jesus.

It was taken down early Wednesday.

“I built and paid for the wall myself. No Mexican money,” tweeted the British-born artist, as curious onlookers took pictures of his work before it was removed.

The artist has also created “No Trump Anytime” signs that have been posted in Los Angeles, New York and other cities.

Trump has repeatedly vowed during his campaign to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, drawing criticism from rights groups.

This is not the first time that Trump’s Walk of Fame star has been targeted.

Last year, feces was left on the star and someone drew a large yellow X over it.

A swastika and a mute symbol were also drawn on the red tile in recent months.

Trump got his star, located on Hollywood Boulevard, in 2007 for his hit reality TV show “The Apprentice.”



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