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Artist makes ‘Tom and Jerry’ inspired staircase rug

FLORIDA: An artist made unique staircase rugs inspired by the most popular cartoon series in the world, “Tom and Jerry”, in Florida.

Sharing the photographs of his unique rugs on the social networking website, Twitter, the artist named “nellaf” said, “I made this Tom and Jerry rug inspired by the original cartoon.”


The staircase rug showed Tom the cat all flat on the stairs. It depicted what usually happened to the feline when he used to chase Jerry and create quite a ruckus all around.

After posting the creation on the microblogging site, it spread like wildfire. Posted on March 1, the photos garnered 2,46,500 retweets and 1.6 million likes, Times Now News reported.

Netizens were definitely impressed by his creation and demanded more such rugs. Some even came up with more pictures of ‘flat Tom’ to be made into the perfect carpet for their homes. One user even suggested a ‘flat Jerry’ rug as well. “I want this. So cute,” another user added.



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