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Police arrested dozens of PTI workers going to Bani Gala

ISLAMABAD: At least 50 workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) were arrested from reaching the residence of Imran Khan in Bani Gala, ARY News reported.

Punjab government has also issued orders for arrest of 470 workers on the recommendations of the Lahore Police.  The police had also been reportedly asked to detain PTI workers before they reach Islamabad.

Earlier in a day, PTI chairman Imran Khan directed his party workers to uproot all barricades and impediments leading to Islamabad and reach Bani Gala tomorrow at all costs.

‘Remove barricades and reach Bani Gala,’ Khan tells workers

“You have to reach here because we don’t see any law in this country. From here, we will head towards Islamabad on Tuesday (November 1),” he said while speaking to media this morning.

He said people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa must reach here tomorrow. “We will gather people and move from here.” Khan reiterated his ‘admonition’ to police, saying “what you’re doing is illegal to detain people.”

He said days of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had been numbered and that he was not going to be spared.



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