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Blinded by sight but not by determination – Aziza Siddiqui’s inspiring story.

Lahore: Blinded by sight but not by determination. Aziza Siddiqui, a blind girl Completes her PhD with the most limited resources one can think of.

“We have no software which can read out Urdu books to us. Aziza got books and notes recorded herself, and reached the level she dreamed of. We would request the government to help us with the Urdu screen reader. We don’t have resources for Urdu even on the net. She had gotten recordings done, used multiple ways to achieve her dream.”

Not only that, Aziza is a great singer too and a friend of friends.  “Being with her doesn’t make us feel we are with someone special. Our friendship is like any normal person’s.”

Her friends are of the view that “Whatever Aziza has achieved is through her hard work and determination. We were small stepping stones in her journey.”



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