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Babar Awan terms budget 2017 death sentence for labourers, farmers, working class

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Senator Babar Awan on Friday termed the federal budget 2016-17 a death sentence for labourers, farmers, working class and fixed income groups.

He alleged that the budget was formulated by the International Monitory Fund (IMF) and which was bulging with heavy taxes.

“Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is reading out death sentence for labourers, Kisaan, working class and fixed income groups from the papers of IMF budget,” he said in a series of tweets on his social media account soon after Dar started his budget speech.

He said the budget 2017 proved rulers were owners of Pakistan and people were only aliens living on rent. Massive taxes would snatch bread from poor people, he added.

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Babar Awan compared Dar to Joseph Goebbels, a Nazi propagandist and a close aide of Adolf Hitler who was known for his public speaking skills and allegedly advocated harsher discrimination against Jews.

“Budget speech breaks the record of (Joseph) Goebbels and wins the race of fat, white, atrocious lies. Dar is not giving correct figures,” he said.

The PPP leader said the budget 2017 was tantamount to making the nation slave to the IMF and World Bank.

“Team experienced in the art of corruption, plunder and money laundering robbed the nation fifth time making it slave to the IMF and World Bank,” he said.

Sherry Rehman calls it the Borrower’s Budget

Vice-President Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) Senator Sherry called the budget 2017 the Borrower’s Budget.

“We’re stuck in a merry-go-round of borrowing. No country can be truly sovereign if it relies on loans and foreign aid,” she said.

She regretted that the government has taken Pakistan deeper into the borrowing trap more than ever before.

“Dar just patted himself on the back on an unprecedented current account deficit and debt led budget. Unbelievable! Laugh or cry moment,” she tweeted.

Opposition boycotts budget 2017 speech

The opposition walked out from the National Assembly prior to the 2016-17 federal budget speech in protest against the crackdown on peasants.

Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Khursheed Shah said the peasants were even far from red zone when they were lashed out.

“The farmers were demanding to lift general sales tax (GST), however the crackdown by the government reflects their dictatorial approach,” he said.

He termed the crackdown an unjustifiable torture on the farmers.

The farmers held a demonstration outside the assembly today demanding from the government to call off GST from agricultural products.

Khursheed Shah said the peasants used to protest in Pakistan Peoples Party tenure as well, however they were not treated violently.

The incumbent government has set the example that whoever comes out for protest is roughed up. What difference remains between the democratic government and a dictator then, he questioned

He said the PPP leaders did not render sacrifices that the weak would remain under oppression, but to help them solve their issues.



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