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Babar Ghauri denies giving orders to Saulat Mirza

Babar Ghauri stated that the story of giving ‘target killing’ orders to Saulat and others is totally fictitious.

Speaking exclusively to ARY News anchor Kashif Abbasi, Ghauri termed the claim of inviting four people to his house for getting instructions to murder then KESC MD Shahid Hamid a ‘table story’.

About the call from London, he maintained that the investigators should ask for the calling record as all calls from British Capital are recorded.

“All this is scripted, a time will come when this conspiracy and the conspirator will be unveiled”, claimed Ghauri.

MQM leader was of the view that some elements want to threaten MQM’s leadership out of politics.


Answering a question about the four people, Ghauri said that he only knows Saulat Mirza as a worker adding that Mirza was living in North Nazimabad when he met him, afterwards the lad went to Thailand and he came to know that Mirza is in police custody.

Ghauri clearly denied any knowledge of Mirza’s criminal activities besides clarifying that MQM chief Altaf Hussain never gave orders to harm anyone but the party founder only gives instructions in the matters of public welfare.

Inquired by Abbasi, Ghauri stated that he will obviously comeback  to Pakistan to face charges against him.

The MQM leader said that this ‘conspiracy’ too will fail like the ‘Jinnahpur Conspiracy Case’.



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