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Mother thanks helpers as baby elephant rescued from ditch

Twitter is abuzz with a video depicting how a baby elephant was saved from citizens in India after it got trapped in a ditch.

The video shared from a twitter handle of an Indian foreign service officer Parveen Kaswan account heaped praise from the twitteriates and was viewed over 6k times.

Sharing the details of the video, he wrote “Best you will watch today. An #elephant calf fell into a ditch which was rescued. And see how mother stopped to thank the people. This is typical behaviour, elephants first try to rescue by their own, then leave space & stand far for getting help from Human.”

The shared video shows that a baby elephant was trying to come out of a ditch and despite his all out efforts was unable to do so. In the meantime, rescuers were seen using machinery to fill in the ditch with sand in order to pave way out for the calf.


The efforts from the rescuers later helped the elephant to come out of it and runaway towards other elephants, who were standing at a distance watching the rescue efforts.

The mother of the elephant was also captured on camera returning and thanking the rescuers.

The post from Parveen read that this kind of behavior is typical among elephants. They first try to rescue on their own, but when they fail they leave the space and stand far away to get help from humans.

The video has received praise from the Twitteriates with one handle with the name of Nausheen Khan saying ‘ At least humans help too…. Ohh only few good souls I mean.
At least I am happy to see them help the voiceless.’

Another handle said: ‘Heartwarming. Humans can easily coexist with animals. Kudos to those people who were kind and helped’.



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