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Baldia factory case: New JIT reveals employees were involved in arson attack

According to details, suspects in the Baldia factory case were presented at a local court in the city today. The investigation officer of the case also presented a new Joint Investigation Report (JIT) before the court, which recommended that the previously registered case be included in the proceedings. The new JIT labelled the incident an act of terrorism and as a result, a new FIR will be registered which will include the provisions of terrorism in it.

The report also recommended the nomination of four other suspects in the Baldia factory case including Rehman Bhola, Umar Hussain and Hammad Siddiqui. According to the report, employees of the factory were also involved in starting the fire. Rehman Bhola was a MQM Sector In-charge, according to the JIT.

Hammad Siddiqui, who was another leading figure belonging to the MQM and head of the party’s organising committee, demanded extortion money amounting to Rs. 25 crore from the factory owners through Rehman Bhola, said the JIT report. In this regard, a meeting was held at Nine Zero in which the factory owners tried to have the amount of extortion money reduced but a settlement could not be reached.

When the factory owners protested, a meeting was arranged between them and Mohommad Ali Hassan Qadri, who demanded a sum of Rs 250,000 for each dead and Rs 100,000 for each injured, for the victims of the Baldia factory fire. The amount reached Abdul Sattar, who is like a son to Anis Qaimkhani.

The court expressed anger at the investigation officer for being unable to arrest suspect Mansoor and issued non-bailable arrest warrants for the suspect. The court also ordered a departmental inquiry to be carried out against the investigation officer.

“It’s not an ordinary case that you’re saying there’s no new development,” remarked the judge.

Proceedings for the case have been adjourned till March 22nd after granting the owners’ request of immunity from presence at the court.

This has occurred two days after Qaimkhani and Mustafa Kamal conducted a press conference in which they announced the formation of a new party and parted ways with the MQM. MQM chief Altaf Hussain was also severely criticised during the press conference conducted by Mustafa Kamal and Anis Qaimkhani. Qaimkhani’s name has not been mentioned among the nominated names in the list.



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