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Baldia factory set ablaze for non-payment of extortion: report

Rangers today submitted their report in the Sindh High Court.

The report said it was an organized crime. A top leader of a political party had sought Rs 200 million from the Baldia factory owner. When the owners approached the political leader, he feigned ignorance.

Baldia factory set ablaze for non-payment of… by arynews

The report, citing arrested accused Rizwan Qureshi who revealed the entire episode, said altercation between the factory owners and a political  leader also erupted. The political bigwig was subsequently was also relieved of his responsibilities in the party, added the report.

Key accused of Baldia factory fire, Rizwan Qureshi, who made startling revelations about the ‘foul play’ during interrogation by Rangers.


It is said in a report that chemical was spilled in a factory with a purpose to set it on fire – in reaction against non-payment of extortion.

The main accused, who is under custody of Rangers, made big revelations. He alleged that a ‘front man’ obtained Rs 150 million from factory owners to ‘wind up’ the case.

Rangers also recovered a list from the accused which contained names of his targets who were to be killed.

Sources told that the accused is a sanitary worker of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

Blaze in Ali Enterprises – a garment factory in Baldia Town – burnt at least 258 people alive on September 11, 2012.



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