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PTI’s Balochistan leadership complains about PM adviser’s interference in provincial matter

QUETTA: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Balochistan’s leadership and Prime Minister’s Adviser have been engaged in a tug of war over appointment of a provincial special assistant, ARY News reported on Saturday.

The PTI’s provincial leadership and prime minister’s adviser Naeem ul Haq are backing two different party candidates for the post of the Special Assistant to Chief Minister of Balochistan, the party officials disclosed.

Provincial President of PTI Yar Muhammad Rind has suggested the name of Dr. Muneer Baloch for special assistant, while Naeem ul Haq is promoting the name of Syed Zahoor Agha, the party sources said.

The party’s provincial spokesman has complained that Naeem ul Haq is insisting for appointment of a suspended party member to the provincial government office.

Syed Zahoor Agha was suspended by Jahangir Tareen when he was the secretary of PTI, the party’s provincial spokesperson Babar Yousufzai said in his statement.

The spokesman claimed that Naeem ul Haq was interfering in the affairs of PTI Balochistan.

He also invited the attention of Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the party leader’s interference in the provincial matter.




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