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Banana ‘art’ piece sold out for $120,000

Art is priceless and has no rule- is what some people say and believe.

And two art lovers proved it when they bought art pieces titled ‘Comedian’ with bananas duct-taped to wall worth $120,000 each.

A single banana duct-taped to a wall by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan fascinated some art devotees while baffling others.

The work’s first edition apparently came from a local Miami supermarket and sold to a Frenchman for United States (US)$120,000 by Perrotin, an international art gallery, according to Artnet.com.

A second edition also sold to another Frenchman for the same price, while Artnet‘s article goes on to cite that a third edition of the art will reportedly sell for an even higher price at $150,000 USD.


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The talk of the town in Miami right now is Maurizio Cattelan’s “Comedian,” a banana 🍌 duct taped to the wall. Two have already sold for $120,000 at Perrotin 😉 read more, including about the banana my husband, @nnddmmyy, hung on his dorm wall for two years, on Artnet News, link in bio @artnet @galerieperrotin @mauriziocattelan @artbasel #art #conceptualart #banana #sculpture #artbasel #artbaselmiamibeach #artbaselmiami #artfair #artgallery #artwork #whatisart #isthisart #miami #miamibeach #florida #miamiflorida #mauriziocattelan #perrotin #galerieperrotin #artist #bananapeel #ducttape #artnetnews #artcollector #vippreview #artjournalism #artjournalist #openingday #artgallery #gallery #artworld

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The mind behind the work of art is 59-year-old Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, who said that that banana was not only part of international trade but also a product used regularly in our daily lives.

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“People slipping from banana peels are also part of funny incidents that happen in our daily lives,” he said.

The owner initially wanted to  make a banana sculpture from bronze, however, failure in initial attempts forced him to purchase three bananas from a nearby supermarket and duct-tape them in the wall.



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