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Bank payment ‘funds for Isis’ lands woman in soup with Interpol

BOLTON: A woman, 57, was left speechless after her innocent £500 bank payment for her pet horse landed her in the soup with the Interpol in Bolton, England.  

According to the details, Susan Govindasamy tried to send the money for her 9-year-old Arab horse ‘Isis’ who was at a ‘horse bootcamp’. What might have made things suspicious is her transaction label that read “funds for Isis”.

Just a few days after the bank transfer, Susan came to know her friend had not received the payment. At that point, she contacted PayPal and came to know the payment had been stopped and was being reviewed for her transaction note ‘funds for ISIS’

Susan said, “We then both got emails from PayPal and Interpol wanting to know the reason why I was sending funds to ISIS. My husband had to tell me why it had happened, when the penny dropped I was speechless.”

Following the incident, Susan had to send Isis’ passport to PayPal and to Interpol to prove she had no connection to the terrorist organisation, Times Now News reported.

Many people advised her to change her horse’s name, but Susan didn’t pay attention to any of them.



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