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Multiplayer battler ‘World of Warriors’ comes to PS4 on March 21

Multiplayer battler World of Warriors will make it debut on PlayStation 4 on March 21, CEO Saber Interactive Matthew Karch announced on a blog post.

The mobile video game developed by Mind Candy and published in November 2014. Now Romans, Vikings, Samurai, Aztecs, Spartans and more will answer the call to arms to battle it out in a series of hazard-filled arenas.

Players can rab three friends with active PS Plus memberships and choose from amongst the greatest warriors in history, who have been summoned to a land beyond their own to take on challengers in a variety of multiplayer arenas.

In World of Warriors, players have to be wary of not only your friend’s / opponent’s sword arm, but their surroundings as well. Every arena is a potential death trap brimming with hazards.

Some of the locations and their repertoires of deadly surprises include:

Coliseum: Players can hack ‘n’ slash enemies in the Coliseum, impress the crowd with their combat skills, but watch out for the spinning fire totem or else they will get burned.

Heroic Hills: The Heroic Hills may seem picturesque and perfect, but don’t let your guard down as this is no picnic in the park, as those spinning whirlpool tornadoes can be fierce.

The Sea of Night: The sea can be a cruel mistress, and so can this arena. Plasyers should watch out for the titan who swings his anchor.

Midnight Forest: Deep down in the dark woods, the Midnight Forest lays keep to an ancient tree who can aid warriors in their battle, but if players get on his wrong side he’ll aid the enemy.

White Wastes: At the edge of the world and frozen in ice lay a host of woolly mammoths itching to escape. However, only the most cunning warrior will figure out the trick to mastering the mammoths, earning some massive help on the battlefield!

Whether players are battling friends locally or wrecking warriors online, World of Warriors promises a multiplayer rumble the likes of which history has never seen.

World of Warriors will be available for purchase digitally only at PlayStation Store starting on March 21, and for the first week the purchase will include a special theme.



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