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Beauty queen diagnosed with ‘untreatable’ brain tumor

A 25-year-old beauty queen Elisha Hudson from Norfolk met with an unfortunate fate as she recently got diagnosed with an untreatable brain tumor following a series of terrible headaches.

After often feeling exhausted and depressed for days that led her to quit her job, the recently crowned Miss Norfolk, Elisha, was diagnosed with a form of illness which is called “myalgic encephalomyelitis” also known as a chronic fatigue syndrome. The scans showed a growing tumor in her brain which cannot be operated on, said the doctors.

“It’s so close to the optical nerve they won’t treat it at the moment. If the tumor continues to grow then obviously we will eventually, in the future, go down the route of chemotherapy or radiotherapy,” say the doctors.

She describes feeling ‘numb’ after giving a number of tests, including an MRI scan and CT scan

‘It was really frightening. I obviously didn’t know what was going on, At first I was trying to come to terms with whether I had epilepsy, and then they said I didn’t have it and they found this growth in my brain which they thought was a tumor and I would have to have a biopsy done,” remarks Elisha.

Despite her medical condition, Elisha has decided to stay positive as she tends to raise awareness about the disease and has started a career as a fashion model to reach out to people throughout the world.

I wasn’t a fan of pageants but their exposure really helped me raise funds for the cancer awareness programs” she took part in one such pageant and was crowned queen .it also helped her raise £3,600 during a charity event.



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