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Viral ‘bee’ becomes latest Instagram sensation

The latest sensation on Instagram is bee. Yes you have heard it right!

Reportedly, the first insect influencer, the bee is taking the internet by storm with unique photographs and a very important message- help save the world’s bees.

The foundation works on the issue of protecting the flying insect and several of the foundation’s posts urge people to save their population. Many of B’s posts also carry fun facts and information about the insect.

Bees, who are active pollinators- the ones that  causes plants to make fruit or seeds, play a pivotal role in our food supply.

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However, the bee population has been reducing and factors like with the use of pesticides and intensive farming techniques are blamed for it.

‘B’ depicts a bee in its images who travels to exotic places and also gives us travel goals. But, this is not about the places where bee resides but the constant insight that it gives us regarding the requirements for the survival of its community.

In one of the post with hashtags summer day, heatwave and hot summer, it reads ‘Bring me back there, with more sea and less heat! How are you guys facing the heat wave?



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