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SIM verification for foreigners, Afghans declared mandatory

Foreigners will have their SIMs blocked as soon as their visa will expire while Afghan refugees can use their SIMs till the expiry of their residence permit.

Procedure for Foreigners

Foreigners visiting Pakistan will have to submit a copy of their valid visa, permanent address, residential address in Pakistan along with a written declaration that they will not use the SIM for any illegal activity.

Procedure for Afghan Refugees

The refugees from Afghanistan will have to submit their National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) Afghan Card and declaration promising the legal use of SIM to verify their module or get a new one.

Long queues have been witnessed at the cellular companies’ centers after the PTA directed them to complete the re-verification process (SIMs) through biometric devices till February 26.

 All unverified SIMs would be blocked by PTA after expiry of the deadline.



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