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Blindfolded man sets Guinness World Record by identifying 11 ice cream flavors in 60 seconds

An Idaho man was recognized by Guinness World Records after correctly identifying 11 ice cream flavors while blindfolded in 60 seconds.

David Rush was filmed taste-testing ice cream for one minute and attempting to guess the flavors.

Though Rush managed to correctly identify 12 flavours, he managed to say only half the name of the 12th flavour, java chip, before the timer ran out.

Guinness determined he tied the previous record of 11, set by Mohameed Ahmad Darwish at a Kuwait mall in 2013, and Rush’s name was added to Darwish’s on the record-keeping organization’s web site.

Rush has previously broken more than 100 Guinness World Records, including snapping most pencils in one minute, stacking most bars of wet soap in one minute and stuffing most blueberries in his mouth.



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