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Turkish ice cream vendor trolls Aamir Khan

Turkish ice cream is more popular because of the vendors’ jugglery than its taste, though it tastes scrumptious.

You must have seen videos of vendors teasing customers before handing them their order, but this time the customer was illustrious Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan during his recent visit to Turkey.

The tricks even pretty amused the Dangal star when he struggled hard for one full minute to grab the ice cream from the vendor’s hand, but failed until he himself finally gave him.

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Aamir’s eyes were wide open when he saw ice cream gliding out of his hand several times.

Posting video of this show Aamir writes in caption: Sabar ka phall meetha (sweet are the fruits of adversity). Lovely Turkish ice cream 🙂

Aamir Khan is set to release his upcoming movie Secret Superstar on October 19 this year.

Upon his arrival, the Bollywood hero was received by Turkish President Erdogan at Presidential Complex.

Before leaving for India after spending two days in the country, the actor expressed elatedness over the love he received in Turkey.

He praised the hospitality of the people of Turkey and for their love and respect. The Turkish government handed him over gifts including a copy of Quran.




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