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Boxer Amir Khan’s wife says abused by in-laws

Faryal Makhdoom, wife of Pakistani-origin boxer Amir Khan, has spoken up about abuse she suffered at the hands of her in-laws and took to Snapchat to spill the beans on ‘suffering she had been braving for some time’.

The lady, who has often been seen with Khan at public events, began her moaning in a Snapchat message saying: ““Don’t get your sons married if you’re going to abuse and bully the wife. I’ve always been so quiet but seriously, this message is for everyone! When you bring someone’s daughter — treat her as your own. Your son will be much happier and so will you.”

She doesn’t stop here: “My husband has done far more than any son has done. And far more than any brother has done. But why is he treated so bad? Jealousy? Hatred for his wife? That’s disgusting”, Faryal continues.”


Makhdoom’s series of messages implied she had been tight-lipped for some time, but finally broke the silence after her patience wore thin following the level of ‘abuse’ by her in-laws.


“Let me stop. God is my witness and that’s why I’m living a great life with my husband and beautiful daughter. J free of jealousy and hatred of anyone — that’s too much energy wasted on a bunch of lame online bullies!”


“Khan family is definitely respected. And that’s because of AMIR KHAN, not a bunch of robbing, selfish, unappreciated PEOPLE!”



Picture via Amir Khan's Instagram
Picture via Amir Khan’s Instagram

Makhdoom Khan made her debut on the ramp earlier this week on Sunday at the Asiana Bridal Show in Birmingham.




The 25-year-old wife of World Boxing Champ Amir Khan has formed her own mini empire as a fashion and beauty expert.

However, Faryal admitted that this was her most challenging project so far.






“I was really excited about walking the ramp for Asiana, but at the same time I was very nervous too,’ says the New Yorker.




“This is a live event, so there are no retakes or editing. I’ve never taken part in a fashion show before, but I’m always ready for a new challenge,” she said.





In June 2013, Faryal Makhdoom married British boxing star Amir Khan at a ceremony in New York.






Twitteratis pats Faryal for breaking silence



Faryal thanks for the support




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