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Allergic to sunlight: Boy born with ‘one-in-a-million’ genetic condition

A Victorian boy, George Maddern, was born with an extremely rare genetic condition which made him allergic to sunlight as the disorder affects one-in-a-million people across the United States and Europe.

Doctors told Maddern’s mother Skie after his birth that the boy was one-in-a-million due to Xeroderma pigmentosum which made him allergic to sunlight.

The toddler’s parents Skie and Paul saw it harder to perform everyday activities as the 18-month-old boy was heavily wrapped in a blanket while being taken to daycare, whereas, all blinds of their house were kept close and heavily-tinted windows for his playing area.

boy rare genetic condition allergic to sunlight george maddern

The precautions are necessary to protect George Maddern who is ultra-susceptible to skin cancer. According to 7News, George’s parents were fortunately on the condition early.



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