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Boy slips from ferris wheel cabin, dangles by neck in air

BEIJING: A teenager in China had a horrific experience riding a swing when he almost fell from the Ferris wheel and the heart-stopping moment was recorded by an onlooker in his cellphone.

The incident occurred at an amusement park in east China, according to a Daily Mail report. The boy, who was in the cabin all by himself, was seen dangling from around 130 feet above the ground.

According to the report, the five-year-old boy’s mother allowed him to take the ride alone as she wanted to save 30-yuan (Rs 316) admission fee at the Yuhuan Park in Taizhou city, China. Fortunately, the boy’s neck was trapped in the metal bars of the cabin which prevented him from plummeting to the ground.

As there was no one around to help him at that height, the only option left with the swing operator was to slowly bring the cart down. According to Qianjiang Evening News, the mother identified as Liu took her son to a theme park during a long weekend. However, due to the high price of the ticket, she convinced the operator to let her son ride the wheel without any adult supervision.



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