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Minor boy strangled to death by sister for objecting her to long chat with friend

LUCKNOW: A nine-year-old boy strangled to death by her 15-year-old sister after he objected to her long chat with a friend on phone.

The incident took place in Raebareli city of India’s Lucknow division where a teenage girl strangled her minor brother using earphone cable and dumped his body in the storeroom of the house.

The accused was sent to the juvenile home on Tuesday after the horrifying murder came to light late on Monday evening, Indian media reported.

According to the police, the accused used to spend hours talking to a boy on the phone when the parents were not around. It emerged that the girl was reprimanded by her parents after the boy told about it a few days ago.

The girl reportedly started talking to her friend again when the parents were not home.

On the day of his murder, the boy found his sister talking over the phone and objected to it which led to a scuffle between them. The outrageous girl then strangled him using earphone wire.

A police officer told the local media the Dalmau police station had received information about a missing nine-year-old boy and instantly launched a manhunt

The body of the boy was found next day after the parents of the girl opened the storeroom following a foul smell started emanating inside the house. The victim’s father also registered a case against a neighbour who was also detained by the police.

After the interrogation, it emerged that the arrested neighbour was not near the spot of crime which was also corroborated by physical evidence.

Later, all members present on the day were interrogated, whereas, the police officer claimed that abrasions, cuts and wounds on the body of the boy proved that scuffle would have taken place between the deceased and the attacker,.

The officer said that only his elder sister had bruises on her stomach, neck, hands after they examined as many as 25 persons.

The girl has reportedly confessed to her crime in front of her parents and the child welfare officer after being questioned. According to the police officer, the teenage girl said that she did not want to kill her brother but she was afraid of him for complaining to their parents again over talking over phone with her friend.



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