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WATCH: Seven-year-old boy who went blind from rare cancer has his sight back

NEW DELHI: A seven-year-old boy who went blind owing to bizarre cancer that caused his eyes bleed and pop out of their sockets has his sight back after medical treatment.

According to the details, the Indian boy, Sagar Dorji had developed a bizarre form of leukemia when was he was only four years old. His eyes had started bleeding and popped out of their sockets before he had lost his eyesight.


A state minister had taken notice of his strange disease when his story was published in foreign media. The minister, on the behalf of the government, had made arrangement to shift the boy from Assam to Bangalore for chemotherapy while a British investment banker borne the cost of crucial surgery to bring him back his sight, Mail Online reported.

The seven-year-old defeated the bizarre cancer after the medical treatment and now, he can see out of one eye after a successful cornea transplant eye surgery.

In a message to his supporters Sagar Dorji said, ‘Hi and thanks everybody, my eyes do not hurt now. I Love you!’



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