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Man transforms himself into Orc from ‘Lord of The Rings’

A 41-year-old Brazilian man has transformed himself into a real-life ‘Orc’ from Lord of the Rings with tattoos covering 85 per cent of his body, piercing, a tongue split and eyeballs tattoed.

Rico Ledesma, who lives in Brazil with his wife Krishna Insomnia, 25, and their daughter has spent year on his look which is complete with £400 fake fanged teeth which he admits makes it difficult for him to chew.


He also has a tongue split and his eyeballs tattooed. The actor and tattoo artist has 34,600 followers on Instagram where he regularly shares snaps of his unique look and daily life, Dailymail UK reported.

Ledesma said that he started to change seven years ago in order to look different but the project to look like an Orc is less than a year old.

He detailed that he six false teeth placed in August 2020 and he is going to put two bigger ones in, even though he is having trouble eating and drinking.

Image Courtesy: Dailymail UK.

‘The new Orc modification project consisted of the implantation of two more tusks (two large teeth), body paintings which are almost all in black with some grey spots and some burns and modifications. Today I have 85 percent of my body tattooed.’

‘The teeth were the final touch to the Orc project and came after a lot of study and sleepless nights.’

It emerged that the man had his teeth done by a dental professional who ’embraced’ the project and the pair figured out how to make it viable. ‘She did a perfect job and I’ve already scheduled in with her again for the next mission,’ he said.

brazil man rico ledesma transform orc lord of the rings

At the start of April, Rico widened his nasal septum to ‘perfect’ the image of the Orc, which was done with the help of a scalpel. He’s also had a black tattoo done to complement his Orc look, which he says was ‘the most time-consuming and one of the painful parts’ of his transformation.

However, he says the worst modification he has had is a scarification on his calf, done with a hot iron. ‘It took four months for partial healing but it is one of the ones I feel most proud of,’ he said. While the modifications would usually rack up thousands, Rico has spent next to nothing as almost everything was done by his wife.

brazil man rico ledesma transform orc lord of the rings

He met body-piercing professional Krishna who also goes by the name of Bat on the internet. Rico said his family and friends love his new look – even his daughter.

Rico’s new look has earned him the title of ‘trans-species’ and he’s even attracted the attention of film producer, Michel Reilhac, who is best known for his films Snow White and The Intruder.

He revealed he’s preparing for his film debut, saying: ‘We will start filming in October in Barcelona and the Canary Islands. I can’t say much about the film but I can say that it will be innovative and playful – something that has never been seen before in cinema. Me and the whole team are very anxious for the cinema debut.’



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