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Bride narrowly escapes death as car smashes into wedding procession

In a shocking incident, a bride narrowly escaped death after a speeding car smashed into her wedding procession in India.

According to the details, the newlywed couple along with a procession was on their way when a speeding car hit their vehicle, killing a groomsman and injuring several other guests in Uttar Pradesh, northern India.

WARNING: The following video contains images that some viewers may find upsetting

In the video, the woman, named Hema, can be seen dancing through the open sunroof of a car along a busy highway in Uttar Pradesh.

With festive music blaring through the speakers, the guests crowded around the newlyweds’ procession when a car zoomed past and smashed into the vehicle, sending one of the groomsmen flying in mid-air.

The groomsman was killed instantly, but the bride luckily survived. Several other wedding guests were injured after being knocked to the ground by the speeding car. The injured guests were rushed to a local hospital where they are undergoing treatment, Mail Online reported.

Meanwhile, the driver who caused the crash allegedly fled the scene. However, the police have recovered the abandoned vehicle.



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