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British woman accuses Indian hockey team captain of sexual harassment

The 21-year-old player Ashpal Bhogal has filed a written complaint with Ludhiana police.

The British woman claimed she has been engaged to Sardar for the past four years and alleged that he “mentally, physically and emotionally tortured” her.

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She also alleged that Sardar forced her to abort their child in 2015 against her wishes and later refused to marry her. She said they met during London Olympics and then got engaged.

According to the complainant, their relationship had strained for the past few months. She alleged that Sardar “blackmailed” her to abort the child. “I met him during the London Olympics and we got to know each other better after that.

We got engaged but in 2015 I got pregnant. He told me to abort the child, which I did against my wishes and without getting support from anyone,” she told an Indian daily.

She said that she had got in touch with Indian High Commission officials in her country, who advised her to file a police complaint.

She claimed that the India captain abandoned her after the abortion. “He has been ignoring me and has refused to marry me after that incident. He has harassed me emotionally, physically and mentally,” she alleged.



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