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Netizens bash Islamabad hoteliers as they insult staff for bad English

ISLAMABAD: A video shot by private high-end restaurant owners went viral on social media where they are seen insulting one of their managers as he falters in affecting an English accent following which the internet stands together unequivocally to cancel whom they term are colonial minds.

Some say while the Britishers have left the region but their servile continues to date in the form of an obsession for speaking meticulous English and that in an affected accent.

In the video shot by the owners themselves, they are found entertaining their audience at the expense of their hotel manager’s self-respect as they call him in the video and roast by challenging him to introduce himself in the English language.

“This is the beautiful English he speaks and [he is] at a very good salary package mind you,” she sarcastically remarked after he fails to string a sentence together after being challenged to do so.
“We have paid for his English classes,” another chipped in.

As soon as the video went viral, social media coined the hashtag for the hotel’s boycott which has so far swept in around 32.6 thousand tweets.

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In the comments section of Facebook, people have reshared this post as well while they come up with a plethora of nuanced memes laying on record their dislike for the behavior and treatment meted out to a local manager.



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