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Businessman ‘commits suicide’ by jumping off building in Karachi

KARACHI: A dealer in electronic market of Saddar has allegedly committed suicide by jumping off a multi-storey building in Karachi, ARY News reported on Thursday night.

The businessman identified as Abid committed suicide jumped off a multi-storey building near Star City Mall in Saddar area of Karachi allegedly due to the miserable situation of his business amid lockdown.

President Karachi Electronic Dealers Association (KEDA), Rizwan Irfan, blamed the provincial and federal government for the death of trader. He said that the political fight between the province and Centre has started claiming lives of the traders.

Irfan reiterated its demand to allow the business community to reopen their business under the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

According the family of the deceased trader, Abid was not facing any domestic or business problems.

Police officials have also termed it as ‘an apparent suicide incident’. They said that an investigation is underway to ascertain the reason behind Abid’s death. Abid’s shop was situated on the second floor of the same building, said police.

They added that eye witnesses have seen Abid moving to the upper floor by himself and later some people watched him jumping off the building. Police also said that the people who were present on the scene have seen him removing his slippers before committing suicide.



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