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CAA issues investigative report on 2012 Bhoja Air crash

The 78 page investigative report regarding the deadly crash maintains that the pilot and bad weather were responsible for the tragic incident.

The report reads “ineffective automated flight deck management in extreme adverse weather conditions by cockpit crew caused the accident.”

The four basic reasons cited in the report for the crash are; plane’s speed, altitude, engine power and landing speed.

It further suggested that the plane’s captain, Noorullah Khan, 58, and his co-pilot were not trained enough to fly the advanced Boeing 737-236 which features an automated flight deck.

The Bhoja Air flight BHO-213 crashed near Islamabad on April 20, 2012 killing all 127 people on board.

The crash is considered the second-deadliest air disaster in Pakistan’s history after the Airblue Flight 202 plane crash.



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