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CAA officials return lost bag containing valuables to owner

PESHAWAR: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials on Sunday returned a lost bag full of valuable items to its owner, ARY News reported.

CAA Vigilance Assistants Shahzad and Haneef found a bag at international arrival of the Peshawar airport containing seven tola gold, 3,600 UAE dirham, one iPhone mobile and other valuable items for the dowery of her daughter .

The officials handed over the bag to the CAA Peshawar airport management. CAA Peshawar support started efforts to trace the owner. The owner Mohammed Yaqub was traced after few hours of efforts, who was in Swat and very upset.

He was informed about the bag after necessary formalities and then it was handed over to him after completing all the formalities.

The owner appreciated and thanked the CAA for its efforts and returning the bag. The airport manager CAA Peshawar airport appreciated the act of honesty of the official and issued a letter of appreciation.

On March 29, CAA had said that in the last two years overseas Pakistanis had lodged 64 complaints against the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

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ARY News had obtained the document about complaints against immigration officials of the FIA.

At least 27 complaints had been registered at Allama Iqbal International Airport against immigration officers of the FIA. 26 overseas Pakistanis had lodged complaint at New Islamabad International Airport.



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