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Canadian woman withdraws her harassment complaint

ISLAMABAD: Canadian woman who was allegedly harassed by two men in Islamabad has withdrawn her case against the wrongdoers, ARY News reported on Friday.

In a video message, Jay said despite identifying the harassers, she wishes to pull out her plea filed against them.

Expressing gratitude in the way the matter was handled; she said the swift action taken by the Pakistani authorities acts as a testament to the fact that Pakistan is a peace-loving country.

The Canadian national thanked police of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s new initiative Pakistan Citizen Portal which helped her to make this incident reported.

Later, the accused Hamza Sohail and Anas Kamran, were released as Jay submitted his written response to forgive the accused.

Earlier in the week, the Canadian woman, was reportedly harassed by hoodlums in Islamabad, when she was waiting for a cab to leave for her home.

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The woman had complained that two motorists inquired about her address from the driver, adding that she was waiting for cab when two men pulled up in a car and started cat-calling her and repeatedly told her to get in their car.

When she refused, they followed her for the next two hours as she travelled to the destination in Islamabad.Finally, she took refuge in a shopping mall.



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