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Captain Marvel’s first trailer is finally out!

LOS ANGELES: After months and months of wait, Marvel fans can finally rejoice as the Captain Marvel’s first trailer is out.

This is the first female Marvel superhero to get her standalone movie, and according to the makers ‘at a scale of power hitherto unseen in the series’,

The trailer begins with Brie Larson ( Captain Marvel) crash landing into Earth, the Blockbuster video store making amply clear that the film is set in the 90s.

A younger Nick Fury’s (Samuel L Jackson’s) narration is about ‘war being a universal language’. He begins to talk about a space invasion, just as an alien craft materialises out of thin air just outside Earth. Fury speaks about how he was on the verge of retirement until he encountered someone who wasn’t ‘from around here’.

Larson explains that she remembers being on earth, even images from her past flash in her mind. In quick bursts, audiences get glimpses of Jude Law and others, plus the Kree ‘Accuser’ Ronan, who was the main villain in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Finally, after Nick Fury’s pager from the end of Infinity War also makes an appearance.

The film is said to be a filler movie, as Captain Marvel is to play a key role in bringing half the world’s population including Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Loki,Bucky, Spiderman, Dr Strange and The guardians of the galaxy team back to life in Avengers 4.



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