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Careem driver shot dead in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A driver of a ride-hailing service, Careem, was gunned down in the federal capital on Monday, the company has confirmed the incident.

“We sadly announce that our Captain Sajawal Ameer was killed last night at 10:35 pm in a car snatching incident,” reads the statement issued today (March 13).

The statement further adds, “His death is a terrible tragedy and Careem mourns with his family and prays for Sajawal Ameer’s soul. This is the second such incident to have occurred in Islamabad in the recent past”.

The company has requested authorities to take strict notice of these incidents and beef up efforts to improve the safety of citizens.

“The whole Careem team stands with them [family] in this very tough time,” the statement said, adding that due compensation will also be provided to the family.

The company also called upon the lawmakers to take note of this deteriorating security situation in Islamabad and immediately take steps to improve the situation.

It’s the second such incident in the Capital city when a driver of a ride-hailing service is targeted. On Feb 22, Careem captain Junaid Mustafa was killed by a customer who had booked the ride, which later transpired as a mugging incident.

The culprit was later arrested.



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