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Consensual castration or forever imprisonment, federal law ministry tells rapists

ISLAMABAD: Federal law ministry has rolled out on Thursday the key features of anti-rape ordinance underlining that authorities will seek consent from suspects before chemical castration, ARY News reported.

The ministry of law said the consensual castration of the rapists will be conditioned with their release from the jail. Suspects who choose not to be castrated will not be released from prisons.


Castration is a step towards their well-being, the ministry said which noted that rape trials will be conducted in special courts.

Commissioners and deputy commissioners will be responsible for quickes registration of rape cases according to the notification laying out features of ordinance to curb sexual abuse.

The ordinance also said the victims of abuse will undergo medical exam separately than other criminal cases and added that their statements and examination will be conducted by only the judge and defense lawyer.

It is also said that the definition of word abuse will be amended in Criminal Procedure Code and it will include female of all ages and males under the age of 18.

READ: Cabinet okays law calling for chemical castration of rapists

It is to pertinent that the federal cabinet earlier approved a draft law that stipulates harsh punishments, including chemical castration, for rape offenders in order to curb growing incidence of sexual violence against women and children in the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who chaired a meeting of the cabinet, said it is a serious matter. Therefore, he added, there should be no delay in implementing the law in order to provide a safe environment to people.



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