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Driver fled after reversing over altercating teenager on road

A local resident captured a horrible hit and run incident on a CCTV camera which showed an unidentified driver ran over a teenager in reverse after in-car argument, leaving him seriously wounded after being dragged along on road for a few metres.

Reports suggested that the teenager came out of the camera after an apparent argument with the driver which then floors the vehicle, leaving the teenager to hold onto the door.

cctv driver teenager hit and run

The incident took place in the early hours of Saturday morning in Wellard, south of Perth which was recorded by a resident on a CCTV camera. The teenager is seen hitting his head on the ground after losing his grip and fall after being dragged along for a few metres.

Later, the driver appears to stop and ran over the bloodied teenager by putting the car in reverse before fleeing from the scene. Local residents called paramedics to the site who took the wounded teenager to Royal Perth Hospital under priority conditions. According to the report, the victim’s health has improved.

cctv driver teenager hit and run

The driver of the vehicle is still at large and police released the CCTV footage for asking public to identify him. Police believed that the driver and the victim were known to each other.



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