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CCTV footage shows masked thieves stealing car’s catalytic converter

The security camera captured the moment masked thieves stole a catalytic converter from a parked vehicle along a residential street within a minute.

A group of four masked thieves equipped with devices walked up to the car to take off the expensive part, whereas, one man is seen keeping a lookout while his accomplices work on the vehicle.

It showed that a thief walks over with a car jack and uses it to raise the vehicle while another thief kneels on the ground and shines a torch underneath the car, Dailymail UK reported.

cctv footage thieves catalytic converter car

In the theft took place in Wyre Grove in Hayes, Middlesex on January 10, the clip showed one man then crawls under the car and begins his work to remove the converter and halfway through his operation the car’s alarm starts going off.

The other men appear slightly startled but continue in their endeavour until the converter is removed.

The thieves managed to flee after removing the catalytic converter of the vehicle in just over one minute which often resold for several hundred pounds.

The gang calmly continue with their brazen theft despite the car’s alarm going off.

The men walked away with the stolen item as a neighbour opened his front door and witnessed the criminals fleeing the scene.

One gang member turns behind and appears to point at the neighbour and threaten him using one of the tools used to steal the converter.



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